The Characters

Meet the main characters of the Toby Turner and Miss Caroline Crumb series:
Toby Turner and Miss Caroline Crumb exist only in my stories – they are not real. The children you see in the photographs are models.

Toby Turner
Toby Turner
Carlo, the crow
Emil, the tabby tomcat
Emil, the tomcat
Miss Caroline
Miss Caroline
Lenny, the Gecko
Lenny, the Gecko
Jack, the horse
Jack, the horse

Toby Turner

Toby Turner is a Special Secret Investigator – which is a little like a private detective.

He looks for missing people, animals or objects. Or he sometimes uncovers secret information. His missions frequently take him to the farthest corners of the earth. Toby Turner can talk to animals and travel into the past.
Toby is a very calm and collected person; he keeps his cool in the most difficult situations still managing to think clearly. Because Toby is a bit of a loner, up until now, he has only worked with animals. Listening to others is not one of his greatest strengths. He lives with his animal friends in an old, slightly crumbling castle.

CARLO, the crow

Carlo, the crow, is Toby’s friend and assistant.
Carlo accompanies Toby on all of his missions and helps him with all of his cases. Since he has known Toby for a long time, Carlo knows Toby very well. He  understands how Toby goes about solving his cases  and also what Toby expects from him in critical situations. Carlo has managed to help Toby out of a tight spot more than once.

Carlo loves the thrill and excitement that Toby’s cases bring.

EMIL, the tabby tomcat

Emil, the tabby tomcat, runs Toby’s household.

He is extremely good at organising and loves order and cleanliness. He can be very hard on the other animals when they are sloppy or messy. But Toby loves the way Emil keeps everything in the castle in order.


Miss Caroline Crumb is a young English lady with very rich parents.

Because she does not want to be labelled a spoilt upper class girl she works very hard at making her own mark in life. She has already become a well-known show jumping champion and gives flute recitals.
She is very self-confident and strong-willed – sometimes she can be downright pig-headed. Because she wants to know as much as possible about the world, Caroline takes an interest in a great many things – except in mathematics and physics.

LENNY, the Gecko

Lenny, the gecko, is Miss Caroline’s most faithful friend and permanent companion.
He is really cunning, very nimble and loves adventures.
He used to get bored whenever Miss Caroline was studying, riding or playing her flute. But then he discovered the internet, and now he loves chatting to other geckos all over the world. He wholeheartedly supports the idea of Miss Caroline working together with Toby Turner.


More about Geckos

Geckos are members of the lizard family. They are good at adapting to almost any environment. But while they can be found in areas ranging from moderate climates to  deserts, most geckos live in the tropics. There are many different species of gecko, varying in size from 1.5 cm to 40 cm.

JACK, the horse

Jack is Miss Caroline’s friend and greatest treasure.

They are a great team and have won many tournaments together. Miss Caroline frequently asks his advice because he is very clever and wise. Jack is always in a good mood and manages to cheer Miss Caroline up even when she is having a bad day.